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Omni-Channel Retail in 2017 | BigCommerce & Square

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Consumers have several Internet-connected devices within arm’s reach. They don’t shop only online or in-store. They shop in whichever channel is the most convenient. So, retail marketing must change to keep up with this enormous advance.

Read the below brief and get a deep understanding of how Americans shop; broken down into 4 retail types (marketplace, large brand name retailer, webstore & category-specific online stores):

But firstly, what is Omni-Channel Retail? According to BigCommerce, it is stores selling both online and offline – likely also selling through multiple online channels (i.e. on Amazon & eBay).

Who Shops Online in the US?

  • Younger generations are more likely to shop online than elder ones – 67% of Millennials & 56% of Gen X vs. 41% of Baby Boomers & 28% of Seniors.
  • Non-parents shoppers in the US are more likely to shop online than parents – 47% vs. 41%.
  • Women also are more likely to shop online than men – 49% vs. 47%.
  • 64% of American shopping budget is spent in-store, compared with only 36% is spent online.

Where & When Americans Spend Online?

  • The vast majority of all American shoppers shop from large retailers with a rate of 74% and marketplaces with 54%, followed by 44% do so at webstores and 36% at category-spec.
  • 48% use marketplace retailers first to search and shop, followed by large retailers with a rate of 31%.
  • Most of the American shoppers shop online on a weekly base.
  • 43% shop in bed – most of them are Millennials & parents.
  • 25% shop in a retail store and 23% shop in the office – most of them are parents & Gen Xers.

What Influences the American Shopper to Purchase.

  • Images of products (78%), product reviews (69%) and side-by-side product comparisons are highly required by American shoppers.
  • Reviews are the most influenced factor on all American shoppers.
  • Price (87%), shipping cost & speed (80%), discount offers (71%) and the diversity of shopping in stock (71%) are the most influenced factors make American shoppers purchase online.
  • Paying for shipping, inability to try out the product first and the difficulty to return items are the most hated factors among American shoppers.
Omni-Channel Retail in 2017 | Bigcommerce & Square

Graph Shows How American Generations Shop In-store vs. Online in 2017


Data were driven from 2,007 Americans ages 18+. 1,002 are national representatives and 1,005 have made an online purchase in the past 6 months.


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