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64% of Americans’ Shopping Budget Is Spent In-Store, 2017 | BigCommerce & Square

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96% of all Americans have made an online purchase at some point in their lives and 80% have done so in the month previous the survey. Online shopping became just as popular as in-store, with 51% of Americans indicated that online is their preferred way to shop. But this doesn’t go hand in hand with data of their shopping budget as 64% of Americans’ shopping budget is spent on in-store shopping, compared to only 36% for online shopping.

Millennials and Generation X are more likely than other generations to shop online. Parents and women also are slightly more likely than non-parents and men to do so. Metropolitan residents – who live in cities with population from under 250,000 to over one million inhabitants – are more adapted to online shopping than other US inhabitants.

Despite all this, in-store shopping still dominates the majority of all Americans’ shopping budget.

The Vast of Americans' Shopping Budget Is Spent In-Store, 2017 | BigCommerce & Square

The Differences Between Americans’ Shoppers in Adapting With In-store & Online Shopping According to Their Demographics in 2017


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