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Online Reviews: The Consumers’ Perspective, 2017 | Feefo

| UK

Reading online reviews has become a key step in any purchasing journey; as feedback & comments lifted by other shoppers help people to make informed and confident purchases. That makes 66% of consumer surveyed said that reading reviews, is their first port of call to help make a decision.

Read the below and recognize the attitudes and behaviors of the UK today’s consumer towards online reviews:

  • 73% of shoppers check online product reviews while they’re in a store.
  • 75% of in-store shoppers consult the feedback of others, using their smartphone, before making any purchase.
  • 76% of shoppers consider online reviews as one of the top 3 influences when deciding whether to buy something.
  • 66% of respondents said that they would be motivated to leave a review if they were rewarded.
  • 71% of consumers will leave a review after a good experience and 52% of people will leave a review after a poor one.
  • 82% of consumers surveyed shop online at least once a month. The ratio increased to 93% among people aged 25-34 years.
  • 78% of shoppers are more likely to be affected by price, and 66% affected by customer reviews when considering buying something.
Online Reviews The Consumers' Perspective, 2017 Feefo

Graph Shows the Reasons That Make UK Consumers Leave an Online Review, 2017


Data were driven from 2,000 UK consumers aged 16-over 55 years (1049 females & 948 males) throughout February 2017.


Founded in 2007 and located worldwide, with offices in the UK, USA, Australia and Hong Kong, Feefo is an independent customer review system for businesses. Feefo collects trusted reviews from genuine customers to better understand their buying decisions with authentic reviews matched to transactions.Feefo helps businesses benefit from trustworthy customer insights, along with the tools to increase traffic, footfall and sales. The Feefo platform has helped more than 4,000 industry leaders to connect with their customers, drive business to their website and gain real, actionable insights.

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