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Mobile technology trends are certainly something to be aware of, 2017 stands to be a benchmark year for mobile and there are several reasons why. The most prominent reasons are that mobile devices are an integral part of consumers’ daily lives and the majority of smartphone users worldwide use their mobile device every half-hour or more.

Get more insights into the worldwide perspective of the mobile consumer experience in 2017:

Time Spent on Mobiles Worldwide:

  • 22% of smartphone owners use their device every 5 minutes, while 63% do so every 30 minutes or more.
  • Brazil has the highest rate of usage per 30 minutes with 78%, followed by Argentina (73%) and then the UK (71%).
  • 22% of smartphone users spend more than 6 hours using their mobile device each day, compared to 49% who do so for 3 hours per day.
  • Brazil, China and Argentina are the top 3 countries using their mobile devices for more than 6 hours a day with rates of 38%, 31% & 29% respectively.

Impact of Mobile Advertising on Consumers Engagement Worldwide:

  • Mobile app users worldwide are more likely to take an action after seeing a mobile advertising than mobile web users (47% vs. 45%).
  • 13% of mobile web users are able to remember the brand being advertised, compared to 12% of mobile app users.
  • On the other hand, 13% of mobile app users are more slightly likely to click on the ad than mobile web users (11%).

Mobile Users Activities Worldwide:

  • 98% of mobile users use their mobile devices to search for information, 97% do so to send/receive emails, find a location or navigate and play games.
  • Smartphone users use an average of 5.82 mobile websites and 5.85 mobile apps daily.
  • APAC holds the highest average of used mobile apps by smartphone users per day.
  • Searching for information, purchase a product/service and booking a service are dominant mobile web functions with rates 76%, 47% & 45%.
  • Mobile apps are the most preferred choice for communications with a rate of 81% for instant messaging & 69% for making calls.

Infographic Global Mobile Experience, 2017 iab


Data were driven from a survey Filled with 3600 adults aged age 18+ in 18 markets (Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Canada, China, Ecuador, France, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Norway, Russia, South Africa, Sweden, Turkey, the UK, the US and Uruguay). The survey was conducted from April 21 to May 8, 2017.

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