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Data-driven personalization in marketing allows brands to focus on their customer’s needs and intent. Not all customers have the same goals and needs, which can be challenging for marketers broadcasting the same message. Instead, data-driven personalization identifies customer needs and provides solutions for them,
businesses might have a dozen different messages or solutions based on a customer’s journey or demographics.
Shopping is fundamentally personal and your customers’ expectation is that you treat them as an individual, not just a shopper.

Creating personalized marketing and experiences has everything to do with good quality data and the way that brands use it. Brands combining consumer data with advertising technology are delivering individualized messaging, products and experiences to their consumers in more innovative ways than ever.

The Key Findings of “Data-Driven Personalization, 2019” Report:

  • Improving the customer experience is ranked as the primary objective for data-driven personalization strategy to achieve by surveyed marketers with a rate of 64%.
  • Increasing visitor engagement is listed as a critical challenge of the success of a data-driven personalization strategy by surveyed marketers at a rate of 42%.
  • Website activity is ranked as the most important type of marketing data utilized for personalization by surveyed marketers with a rate of 55%.
  • Combination of outsourced and in-house resources is ranked as the most effective type of resources used to deploy data-driven personalization by surveyed marketers with a rate of 59%.
  • Marketing influencers reported that data-driven personalization is most often utilized in email messages at a rate of 51%.
Primary Objectives of Data-driven Personalization strategy to achieve 2019

A Graph Shows The Primary Objectives of Data-driven Personalization Strategy to Achieve, 2019.

The Content of “Data-Driven Personalization, 2019” Report:

  • Data-Driven Personalization.
  • Primary Objectives.
  • Strategic Success.
  • Critical Challenges.
  • Objectives Versus Challenges.
  • How Total Budget is Changing.
  • Types of Marketing Data.
  • Most Effective Use of Resources.
  • Location of Utilization.
  • How Effectiveness is Changing.
  • Ascend2 Research Partner Programs.

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Ascend2 benchmarks the performance of marketing strategies, tactics and the technology that drives them with a standardized online questionnaire and a proprietary 3-Minute survey format. This survey was fielded to a panel of marketing influencers and marketing research subscribers, the survey was conducted on 251 marketing influencers who responded to this survey during the week of July 20, 2019.


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