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To achieve your marketing objectives, you need, for sure, to set an effective digital marketing plan contains a series of working tactics. Take a quick glance at the below points to be able to build your upcoming digital marketing plan based on the prior experiences of surveyed marketing influencers:

  • Increasing lead generation and increasing sales revenue are the most important objectives for a digital marketing plan for 18% of marketing influencers.
  • Most of the marketing influencers (57%) consider a digital marketing plan very successful at achieving important objectives.
  • In terms of the most critical challenge to the success of a digital marketing plan, data quality (16%) ranked the top, followed by lead generation (15%) and user experience (15).
  • The vast majority of marketing influencers (93%) plan to increase their digital marketing budgets.
  • Social media marketing (18%) and content marketing (17%) are the most effective tactics used in a digital marketing plan.
2018 Digital Marketing Plans | Ascend2 1 | Digital Marketing Community

A Graph Shows the Most Critical Challenges to the Success of a Digital Marketing Plan – 2018


Data were driven from 271 marketing influencers and research subscribers. The survey was conducted during the week of November 26, 2017.


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