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Content Marketing

The modern marketer must create compelling content for people and search engines alike. Content marketing has become a crucial component of effective SEO and overall digital marketing strategy.

So, the 2 Essential Components of Effective Content Marketing for Lead Generation Are:

1. Building a Brand With Unique, Quality Content:

  • A company’s content is its brand “voice”, and that brand voice should help build such strong relationships with your audience that they become your brand ambassadors.
  • Your company’s voice and tone is the way your content sounds when others read it. And whichever voice you adopt, you’ll want it to be one that your audience relates to readily and creates positive associations for your brand.
  • You should create positive associations for your brand and merge brand voice with your audience so you need to create a meeting of the minds between you and your audience.
  • You need also to adapt content to readers with multiple levels of experience or skill.
  • building buyer personas helps you to get a better understanding of your audience by inferring a prospect’s specific wants and needs via job title, industry, skill level, and company.

By adopting a voice table for your brand, you can help writers understand what you’re looking for in your content and the rationale behind it. Tailor your content to your audience. After all, to better understand your prospect is to better convert your prospect.

Crafting a Brand Voice Is No Small Feat:

  1. Know your company’s character.
  2. Be honest and direct.
  3. Write to online readers.
  4. Connect with your audience in real and meaningful ways.
  5. Check your “casual meter”.
  6. Find out if your content resonates with your audience.

2. Putting the Content on the Map:

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4 Basic Steps to Create SEO-friendly Content:

  1. Choose your keywords carefully. (Awareness, Consideration, Purchase).
  2. Map your keywords to your most relevant content.
  3. Optimize your site structure for indexing.
  4.  Get site performance up to speed on all devices.
The Science of Content Marketing Guide: Use these four basic steps to create SEO-friendly content, the most important basic is to choose your keywords carefully by using Google tools

The Most Important Basic to Create Seo-friendly Content Is to Choose Your Keywords Carefully by Using Tools (Ex: Google Keyword Planner)

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