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2017 State of Email Workflows | Litmus Software

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Ensuring that your emails display and function as intended is an important step in every email workflow. Successful email programs recognize this. Your email workflow is an expression of the investment you make in every email and itself is a predictor of the email program high-performing.

Check the below key findings from the 2nd annual report of Litmus to benchmark your own process and identify opportunities for improvement:

  • On average, marketers spend 2 weeks producing an email, but companies with 500 or more employees spend 47% more time on their emails than smaller companies (2.5 vs. 1.7 weeks).
  • Google or Microsoft suite, Trello, and Jira all are the top software used for email content planning with a rate of 80.2%, 18%, and 16.3% respectively.
  • 31% of respondents ensure that they create new emails by replacing the text and image coding in their template, or by copying and pasting the code of a previous email and updating the content.
  • 57.8% of respondents use Adobe Dream weaver as HTML editors for email development.
  • The vast majority of respondents (78.6%) use the Adobe Photoshop design program for email marketing, followed by Adobe Illustrator with a rate of 34.9%.
  • Marketers use two design programs on average to create their emails.
  • 61.2% test the rendering and functionality of its emails across email clients and devices before sending them.
  • 32% of the sample mentioned that marketers need the approval of approximately 3 people on average before sending any their emails.
  • 36.6% are more likely to get final approvals on the same day the email will be sent, while 40.3% get final approvals a day before.
2017 state of email workflow

Graph Shows if the Companies Surveyed Use Email Templates in 2017


Data were driven from 1,750 to 2,850 marketers globally (differ from question to another) via an online survey.


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