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Best Practices for Webinar Planning and Execution | ReadyTalk & AMA

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Webinars or web events are a high form of content marketing. It can be a powerful training and outreach tool. It also helps in strengthening a company’s brand awareness, increasing exposure in the market besides generating qualified sales leads.

Follow the below tips to make web events a great experience for you and your audience:

  • Treat with your web event just as you plan for meeting someone.
  • Select a topic that would catch the target audience’s attention and entice them to register for and attend the event by delivering value, not a sales pitch.
  • Don’t make the audience complete a long and tedious registration form and keep it brief.
  • Don’t stop with an email invite and links on your website – think outside of the box for effective event promotion.
  • Make sure to take advantage of social media sites and engage with audiences before, during and after the web event.
  • In terms of pre-event preparation, hold a live rehearsal and dry-run during the week leading up to the live event.
  • Send at least 1 reminder email to registrants nearly 24 hours prior to the event to prevent audiences from forgetting to attend.
  • During the live web event, deliver what you promised, be prepared to handle chat and keep the audience engaged using a clear call-to-action.
  • After the web event, send follow-up emails to attendees within 24 hours after the live event and track key success metrics, such as the number of registrants and attendance rate.
Best Practices for Webinar Planning and Execution | AMA & ReadyTalk

An Example of a Good Registration Form


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