10 Things you Need to Know About Women in MENA, 2016 | Ipsos

Women in MENA are one of the most powerful customer segments as they are the main influencers when it comes to purchasing decisions relating to the household.

To gain insights into the women purchasing attitudes, aspirations, lifestyles, and behaviors in MENA read the below 10 things:

  1. On average, 8 in 10 of women in MENA are responsible for carrying out shopping for the household. Egypt & KSA have the highest rates (94% & 93%).
  2. 69% of women in MENA has an access to the internet, and 86% of them use social media.
  3. 74% of women’s information on products and brands comes from traditional platforms, and 26% are from online platforms.
  4. Half of the women in MENA prefer to purchase brands they already know, while 57% always look for the best offers and deals.
  5. 53% of women in MENA always search for information about products before buying them.
  6. On average, 55% of women surveyed focus on quality and brand name and 45% focus price, offers & promotions.
  7. 49% of women are interested in engaging and interacting with her favorite brands.
  8. 96% of women in MENA involved in selecting personal care products for the household and 93% involved in selecting food & beverage.
  9. On average, 70% of women depends on receiving an allowance as a primary source of income, most of them are in Iran, Iraq & Jordan (83%, 82% & 81% respectively).
  10. It worth to mention that, only 14% of women in MENA have ever purchased a product online.

A Graph Shows the Brand Interaction of Women Online Shoppers in MENA in 2016


Data were driven through 13.500 face to face quantitative interviews with females aged 15-54 years,  92 qualitative focus groups and 190 customer immersions in 9 countries across MENA (KSA, Kuwait, UAE, Iran, Morocco, Egypt, Iraq, Jordan & Lebanon).

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