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48% of US Online Shoppers Have Made a Purchase on a Smartphone, 2017 | UPS

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Using smartphone in shopping is increasing year over year for a variety of purposes including looking up for product information, prices and deals, comparing prices and even making purchases.

During the online shopping journey in the US, 48% of smartphone users have made a purchase from a smartphone in 2017 compared to 41% in 2015. Millennials are more likely to do so; as they made 29% of their purchases via smartphones versus only 10% for non-Millennials.

In turn, retailer smartphone Apps are also growing in popularity with 8 in 10 consumers using them. Moreover, most of US smartphone shoppers indicated that they prefer retailer Apps due to better user experience represented in providing online coupons and high-quality product images with a rate of 50% for both.

It’s important to mention that, using smartphones for shopping is not limited to online, but also in-store with 28% of smartphone users have used a smartphone device to purchase in-store in 2017. Most of the rest of respondents indicated that they don’t use smartphones to purchase in-store due to security and privacy concerns with rates of 39% and 32%.

Online Shopping via Smartphones & Shopping Apps in the US, 2017 | UPS

Graph Shows the US Smartphone Shoppers Who Have Made a Purchase via Smartphones in 2017 – UPS

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