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The Most Critical Challenges to The Success of Marketing Automation Integration Strategies, 2019

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Marketing automation can improve multi-touch customer interactions, however, marketers must be smart about every step to avoid making costly mistakes that result in lost customers, opportunities, and revenue. Marketers must always remember that an overarching marketing strategy should direct the implementation of marketing automation platforms. The technology itself doesn’t engage and convert prospects, it’s the marketing plan in place that makes it all happen.
Marketing and sales strategies and activities must now connect with steps in the buyer journey to be able to engage customers and grow revenue. Smart marketers have been turning to use marketing automation as a new way to successfully shepherd customer engagement opportunities that will lead to improved sales outcomes.

Take a glance at the top challenges of marketing automation integration strategy, 2019:

  • Improving marketing and the quality of leads is ranked as the most critical challenge reported by surveyed marketers when it comes to the success of marketing automation integration strategies with a rate of 49%.
  • Improving campaign effectiveness is ranked as the second top critical challenge of marketing automation strategy success with a rate of 45%.
  • Improving marketing-related metrics comes at next as a challenge of marketing automation strategy success by surveyed marketers with a rate of 31%.
  • Improving marketing attribution also listed as a critical challenge of the success of marketing automation strategy success with a rate of 23%.
the most critical challenges to the success of a marketing automation integration 2019

A Graph Shows The Top Challenges of a Marketing Automation Integration Strategy Success, 2019.


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