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Marketing Automation

Do you know that marketing automation campaigns leads to higher conversion rates than traditional email marketing campaigns?

According to 60 Second Marketer, marketing automation campaigns have 200% conversion rates higher than traditional email marketing campaigns.  77% of the companies that use marketing automation noticed a robust increase in revenue and marketing/sales effectiveness. Moreover, a highly targeted campaign can boost open rates by 311% and click-through rates by 327%.

By now, you’re probably already convinced that marketing automation is a tool that can help you grow your business. After all, when it comes to Return on Investment (ROI), email marketing and marketing automation have repeatedly been named as the top digital marketing channels.

But can you imagine how hard is making the decision to invest in marketing automation? You need to convince your boss, and your boss’s boss, and perhaps even the CEO.

Sounds to be quite a big challenge, right?

But the good news is that building a business case for marketing automation isn’t as hard as you might imagine.

Simply, if you understand what’s on the mind of your boss (and their bosses), then putting together a convincing case to sell marketing automation for internal stakeholders is surprisingly easy.

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The Content of the “Building a Business Case for Marketing Automation” Guide:

  • Introduction
  • Understanding the mindset of the corporate executive
  • Understanding customer lifetime value
  • Understanding how customers make decisions about products and services
  • Coming full circle on your investment in marketing automation.
  • Rounding the bend on making a business case for marketing automation

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