62% of Smartphone Purchasers in the US Take an Action After a Retailer Text Messages, 2017 | UPS

Generally, 3 smartphone purchasers in the US out of 5 have received a retailer text messages and responded by either visiting the retailer, purchasing a product or looking for the product in the store.

46% of smartphone users in the US take an action due to a retailer text message, while 31% of smartphone purchasers visit the website directly as an action for a retailer message.

In terms of purchasing, 28% of smartphone purchasers made a purchase online as a response to retailer messages compared to only 19% of smartphone users.

A Graph Shows Forms of Actions Taken Due to Retailers Messages in 2017

For more information, kindly check “UPS Pulse of the Online Shopper: The US Mobile Mindset“ full report.