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“Omnishoppers” are the shoppers who use a variety of devices, channels, and platforms to browse and buy products. The US and the UK have the highest rates of omnishoppers, while Germany has the less with 69% of omnishoppers – across the surveyed countries – indicated that they prefer to do as much online shopping as possible.

To figure out more about how they shop and what do they think about shopping, check the below points:

  • The majority of omnishoppers (24%) regularly browse products online and then purchase them in a retail store, while 17% order goods online and pick them up at a retail store.
  • Omnishoppers may prefer all shopping online, especially in Brazil (85%) and the UK (72%).
  • 72% like to try new retail stores and 63% like to shop online at new websites.
  • 62% use their phones while in-store to research products online.
  • Websites/Apps are the main digital channels to drive awareness about new products across all countries surveyed.
  • Generally, 80% don’t start their purchase on a search engine but the US has the highest rate of shoppers who start their purchase at a search engine (33%).
  • Shoppers check out more than one website to compare products with 47% in Brazil, 43% in Japan, 32% in the US and 28% in the UK.
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A Graph Shows the Various Forms of Omnishopping


Data were driven from nearly 10,000 omnichannel shoppers across the US, the UK, France, Germany, Brazil and Japan.

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