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Personalization has been a top priority for marketers for some time, but despite this fact, many marketers seem to be struggling to implement personalization strategies in an intelligent and scalable way. Marketers are struggling to track their targeted customers through the entire journey and find it hard to attribute the marketing performance to individual programs, campaigns or channels.

However, nearly half of the retail professionals worldwide said that they have plans to add personalization to their e-commerce efforts within a year as a response to increasing threats from e-commerce giants like Amazon, according to eMarketer.

Another study conducted by Ascend2 revealed that 29% of marketing influencers surveyed are working on a hyper-personalization strategy, while about 9% have already completed it.

It’s important to mention that personalization is not something you simply bolt on to your existing messaging strategy, it goes further than that. The various technologies in a marketer’s tech stack often aren’t designed to work together, resulting in siloed data and half-baked personalization.

Sailthru provides you its latest guide on Evaluating Personalization Technology in order to help marketers from falling into these common traps. Read more and find out how can this guide will take you a step further.

Download the “Marketer’s Guide to Evaluating Personalization Technology” and Learn More About:

  • User-centric personalization and why it’s always omnichannel.
  • What a connected solution looks like.
  • The personalization build vs. bolt-on dilemma, and the inherent challenges of each.

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The Content of “A Marketer’s Guide to Evaluating Personalization Technology”:

  • Why Personalization Can Never Be A Bolt-On
  • Three Varieties of Bolt-Ons; Three Dead-Ends
  • What User-Centric Personalization Looks Like
  • Why True Personalization Is Always Omnichannel
  • A Connected Solution
    • Key Considerations for the CTO
    • Key Considerations for the CMO
    • Key Considerations for the CEO
    • Questions to Ask Your Personalization Vendor

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