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Top Three Challenges of Implementing Personalization Strategies and Tactics, 2019

E-Commerce & Retail | North America

Personalization is the new trend in retail, with companies having invested heavily in customer loyalty schemes and targeted sales offers. For some years now, retailers have been moving away from customer loyalty schemes to gathering data and creating personalized messages based on customers behaviors and advanced algorithms. However, this does not guarantee the tailor-made experience that consumers are looking for from personalization. As an example, consumers are unlikely to be impressed when flooded with ads for a product similar to their recent online searches. Hence, Content must be designed and worded in a way that will appeal to each individual consumer. Furthermore, it must then be delivered consistently across devices. The way consumers engage with retailers changes on an almost constant basis. Consumers’ moods, interactions, decisions, and spending habits are shifting in reaction to the external factors in the world around them.

Take a glance at the top primary challenges of implementing personalization strategies and tactics by North American retailers, 2019:

  • The inability of tracking targeted customers through the entire journey is ranked as the top primary challenge of implementing or growing personalization strategies by surveyed North American retailers with a rate of 42%.
  • Attributing the marketing performance to individual programs, campaigns or channels is ranked as the second primary challenge of evolving surveyed electronic retailers personalization strategies with a rate of 35%.
  • Creating a single view of the customer with other marketing channels was also ranked by surveyed North American retailers as a challenge of implementing personalization strategies and tactics with a rate of 32%.
  • Managing data quality or the inconsistent level of quality among data sources come next as a challenge of growing personalization strategies and tactics with a rate of 26%.
Top Three Primary Challenges of implementing personalization tactics 2019

A Graph Shows The Top Primary Challenges of Implementing Personalization Strategies, 2019.


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