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5 Ways to Boost Your Social Media Conversion Rate in 2019

Social Media Marketing | May 31, 2019

According to the Global Digital Report, 2019 launched by We Are Social and Hootsuite, there are 4.388 billion internet users worldwide. 3.484 billion are active social media users, with a growing trend of 9% year-on-year. This is why social media marketing has become a tremendous industry for marketers and businesses where it’s almost “impossible” not to be active on social media.

But the social media landscape continues to change every few months and when you assume you’ve mastered your social media marketing strategy, you’ll get hit with new updates in social media algorithms and features.

This influences buyer habits and user behavior. So, it’s important for marketers to be on the lookout for the latest social media tactics that could affect their existing strategies.

Annual Digital Growth Worldwide, 2019 - The the key internet trends and insights in 2019 - Internet Users in 2019 - Mobile internet users Worldwide - active social media users in 2019

Annual Digital Growth Worldwide, 2019

Social media has become an essential tool for accomplishing the key strategic objectives of companies. According to a study conducted by Deloitte in 2019, 88.2% of companies in the US use social media for brand awareness and brand building, while 64.7% use it for introducing new products and services, and 60.1% use it for acquiring new customers.

Moreover, social media is a great channel to generate leads for B2B companies as well as B2C businesses. Facebook is ranked the top of all social media platform, followed far by LinkedIn.

Another study conducted by Hootsuite revealed that marketers are increasing social Ad budgets in 2019 (up 32% in 2018 alone) and producing more social media ads than ever before. And 78% of businesses surveyed have either invested in social advertising in 2018 or plan to do so in the next 12 months.

A Figure Shows the Top Social Media Strategies in Retail Industry in 2019

A Figure Shows the Top Social Media Strategies in Retail Industry in 2019

What can we draw from all these statistics?

Such statistics and more shows that the competition on various social media platforms is fierce. And in this competitive market, being smart about using social media is more critical than ever.

That’s why we provide you with these tactics and tools to help you boost your social media conversion rate. But remember that these tips depend on your expertise in how you utilize it into an effective marketing tool.

Let’s dive right in!

5 Social Media Techniques to Convert More and More in 2019

1. Set a Data-Based Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) Strategy

Marketers need to make customers “sticky”, which means people are willing to spend plenty of time on the page or visit other pages on your website to investigate all you have to offer.

A tool like Google Analytics gives you data about your website and which pages that encourage people to continue reading as well as pages from which people bounce quickly.

And with basic information about how your website performs, you can easily identify pages that aren’t doing well and optimize them so you can base a conversion rate optimization (CRO) strategy.

In this phase, you can add fresh content, craft a better CTA, update old references and statistics or consider a redesign. All of these updates form the foundation of basic conversion rate optimization CRO.

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2. Optimize Your Landing Pages to Be Mobile-Friendly

With mobile commerce on the rise, reaching 55% in 2019, the need for brands to appeal to customers on-the-go is a must. And, although desktop visits still account for a higher conversion rate than mobile, over 55% of all web traffic comes from mobile devices, as per data from StatCounter.

So, whether you’re promoting offers on any social media platform, having a mobile-friendly landing page is a game-changer. Not only can you appeal specifically to mobile consumers, but also better analyze the consumers’ behavior of your social campaigns.

To further improve your social media conversion strategy, you can continuously test your social landing pages and keep optimizing them regularly. Use tools such as “Optimizely” that allow you to conduct A/B test elements such as imagery, copy and link placement to maximize conversions.

3. Include Compelling & Different Call-to-Action Buttons

Maybe you’re struggling to get visitors to your site to do what you want, maybe you want them to sign up for your newsletter, or get a demo of your product or service, but they never make it to that page. Thus, it may be time to revisit your call-to-actions (CTAs).

It’s really crucial to guide your visitors through the buying journey using strategic CTAs. Keep your call-to-action sentences short and your content skimmable. Using large headings with text that is broken up into easy-to-read blocks of one to two sentences each are ideal for landing pages.

Using a tool such as “Crazy Egg” can help you test different CTAs at different points on the page. It allows you to see which ones get the most engagement.

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4. Integrate Promotions via Video With Live Functions 

You can integrate call-to-actions into video content to draw the user to your website. Videos can do double duty of showing off your products in action as well as catching the eyes of social media customers.

According to a recent report launched by Hubspot, 99% of marketers who use digital video marketing plan to continue doing so in 2018, with 88% planning to increase spend. That says something about the power of video.

Another study conducted by Wyzowl in 2019 also emphasized that 87% of businesses are now using video as a key marketing tool to achieve marketing objectives.

Bear in mind that, video ads and content don’t need to be massive, big-budget productions. Instead, anything you can do to catch your customers’ eyes and get them to stop scrolling is a plus and video does exactly that.

5. Test Your Ads: Split Test Your Social Posts to Get the Most

Split testing is one of the best methods out there for getting things right on social media. Luckily, split testing isn’t just limited to testing your web pages (Split URL testing). You can even split test your social media posts (A/B test) to get the most out of your social media ad spend.

There are various elements of your post text might affect your success differently. In this regard, you can test (Length of the post, style, the use of emoji, the one of voice, and the use of numbers and lists).

If you’re interested in running a paid campaign on Facebook and Instagram, they can allow you to split test your ads automatically and you can run two versions of the same promo simultaneously and identify the winner based on performance.

Easy Ways to Boost Your Social Media Conversion Rate in 2019 - The Best Social Media Techniques to Convert More and More in 2019 - Facebook Split Testing

Facebook Split Testing

Final Word

Having a social media conversion strategy is an essential part of any brand who wants to generate customers from their social channels. Learning how to increase your conversion rate actually isn’t difficult. However, results take time.

Most importantly, you have to continuously analyze and evaluate your data and scale up your techniques to stay in trend.

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