Twitter Trends in UK, Feb 2017 | Sotrender

The 17th edition of Twitter Trends UK analyzed reach, engagement, customer service, and content on Twitter in 10 integral industries in February 2017 and results come to show that:

  1. Finance Industry: Bank of England, Barclays UK, and Lloyds Bank have the biggest Twitter accounts.
  2. Media industry: BBC Breaking News is the biggest Twitter account in the UK and has the most activities.
  3. Music Industry: One Direction and Adele have the biggest accounts and the biggest number of activities per one tweet.
  4. People: Adele, Emma Watson, and Wayne Rooney own the biggest Twitter accounts in the UK.
  5. Politics: Sadiq Khan own the biggest Twitter account, while The Labour Party has the highest number of activities.
  6. Press: The Guardian grabs the biggest Twitter account and the highest number of activities.
  7. Sport: Wayne Rooney, Gareth Bale, and Manchester United have biggest accounts in this group.
  8. TV stations: BBC Sport holds the biggest accounts and the highest number of activities.
  9. Technologies: Xbox UK, PlayStation UK, and Nintendo UK are the biggest UK Twitter accounts among this category.
  10. Telecommunications: O2 in the UK, EE, and Virgin Media also have the biggest twitter accounts.

For more information, please download the “Twitter in Trends UK, Feb 2017” full report.

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