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Twitter continues to be one of the world’s most popular social networking platforms. It’s the online hub of immediacy thanks to its quippy nature and high-profile users in entertainment, politics, and business.

For many businesses, Twitter can be an extremely powerful relationship-building, relationship management, and customer service tool. Thus, the question here is how can your company’s account stand out from the hundreds of millions of others on Twitter?

And in case you are a small business owner and planning to use Twitter for your business, you would definitely be struggling with some questions (for example, Is Twitter useful for your small business?, What are the goals of Twitter marketing? And how Twitter can help a small business?

This detailed eBook, published by HubSpot, provides you with everything you need to build and grow your Twitter presence, and the 14-day roadmap to set up your company’s Twitter account for success. The eBook also teaches you what to tweet, engage, scope out competition, and more. Besides, a Twitter follower counter template that you can measure the growth of your account over time.

How to Use Twitter for Business in 2019: Your Ultimate Guide: An Example of a Spiffy Twitter Profile - Download the Full eBook and Discover the Reasons

An Example of a Spiffy Twitter Profile – Download the Full eBook and Discover the Reasons

The Content of “How to Use Twitter for Business” Guide:

  • Twitter for Business: An Overview
  • Step One: Create and Optimize Your Brand’s Profile
  • Make Your Brand Profile Easy to Follow
  • Develop a Content Strategy to Support Your Twitter Strategy
  • To Attract Customers, Don’t Just Post Salesy Content
  • Go Beyond Text in Your Tweets
  • Extend Reach With Twitter Advertising
  • Track Your Performance Using Analytics
  • Takeaways

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