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Despite current global economic growth, expansion and opportunity, millennials and generation Z are expressing uneasiness and pessimism about their careers, their lives and the world around them, In order to keep the millennial generation analytically meaningful, and to begin looking at what might be unique about the next cohort, The millennial generation includes some of the most well-connected people on the planet. The widespread use of smartphones provides millennials with a mobile platform to shop, communicate, and find information in seconds. Most millennials are very hard-working and diligent and try to find new and innovative ways to solve problems. Because they were raised to practice group participation, they listen and share ideas better and faster than other generations. Millennials also use these skills to solve problems more easily.

The Key Findings of The “Global Millennial Survey 2019” Report:

  • 60% of surveyed millennials reported that they would be happier if they reduced time spent on social media.
  • 59% of surveyed millennials agree that the gig economy is helping to support innovative ways of meeting consumer needs.
  • 36% of surveyed millennials mentioned that businesses should produce high-quality goods and services, compared to 27% who reported that businesses are achieving this factor.
  • 45% of millennials said they have absolutely no trust in political leaders as sources of reliable and accurate information, while 42 percent indicated that they have some trust.
  • 46% of surveyed millennials indicated that they have a strong desire to make positive impacts on community/society.
  • 84% of surveyed millennials would consider joining the gig –a job for a specified period of time- economy.
The Millennials and Gen Zs Negative Impacts of Social Media, 2019.

Figure Shows The Millennials and Gen Zs Negative Impacts of Social Media, 2019.

The Content of The”Global Millennial Survey 2019” Report:

  • Executive Summary.
    • A generation disrupted.
  • Survey Methodology.
  • Altered aspirations.
    • View of the world.
    • Bleak expectations for the economy.
    • Social/political downturn; doubt in traditional pillars of trust.
    • Lack of social progress.
  • The Unfulfilled Promise of Government.
  • Millennials on Business: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly.
    • The impact of automation and data exchange in the manufacturing technologies industry.
  • Disrupted, But Also Disrupting.
    • In the workplace.
    • The gig alternative.
    • Consumerism—walking the talk.
  • Social media: Friend or Foe.
  • The Millz Mood Monitor.
  • Conclusion: The Roadmap For Business.
  • References.

Number of Pages:

  • 31 Pages.


  • Free.


Data in this report is based on the views of 13,416 millennials questioned across 42 countries and 3,009 Gen Zs from 10 countries. The answers provided by millennials and Gen Z respondents often were remarkably similar. For that reason, this report focuses on the millennial response and notes Gen Z responses only when they’re distinctly different. The overall sample size of 16,425 represents the largest survey of millennials and Gen Zs completed in the eight years Deloitte global has published this report.


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