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A new quarter comes with new forecasts and trends for the major channels of display: Paid search, social media, display, & organic search showing some declines and increases.  Take a look for the following information produced by Merkle digital marketing report to get a better understanding and a deeper insight into the previous channels of display:

Paid Search

  • Paid search spending growth in the US increased by only a rate of +1% to record 15% in Q1 2017.
  • Google search ad spending in the US also grew by the same rate (+1%) to reach 21% during the same period.
  • The Product Listing Ad (PLA) spending in the US achieved the fastest growth in Q1 2017 (32%), up from 30% growth in Q4 2016.

Organic search & social

  • Google organic search visits grew with less than 1% in Q1 2017, but it is still growing year over year despite the lowest growth rate.
  • Google in the US holds 93% of mobile organic search visits in Q1 2017 and 88% of all organic search visits.
  • Social media sites produced 3.3% of all site visits in Q1 2017, up slightly from Q4 2016, with 66% produced by mobile devices include both phones and tablets.

Display & Paid Search

  • Facebook Spends hit 71% in Q1 with the ongoing click and impression volume grow.
  • Desktop down to 55% of all Google display network spend.
  • In contrast, 80% of all YouTube video spend and 77% of all Facebook video spend went to phones and tablets.
  • Paid social spend decreased with a rate of 39% in Q1 2017, compared to 68% a year earlier.

Shopping Engines & Feeds

  • The eBay Commerce Network (ECN) accounted for 68% of all CSE spend in Q1 2017, nearly identical to its spend share in Q4 2016.
  • Revenue from Connexity ads declined to record 29% in Q1 2017, a slight improvement from a 30% decline in Q4 2016.

Digital Marketing Report, Q1 2017 Merkle

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