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State of Email Marketing, September 2017 | Ascend2

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The email industry landscape is constantly changing and shifting without warning. The email marketing channel also continues to dominate the performance of the digital marketing landscape.

Read the latest email marketing insights and keep up with the latest updates in this dynamic field:

  • 79% of the total marketing influencers surveyed reported that email marketing performance is increasing. 44% of them describe this increase as significant.
  • Increasing conversion, click through rates and list growth are the most important objectives for an email marketing strategy to achieve with rates 55%, 49% & 43% respectively.
  • 9 in 10 of all marketers surveyed consider their email marketing strategy to be successful to some extent in achieving important objectives.
  • Marketers surveyed consider conversions and click-throughs to be their most useful metrics for measuring email marketing performance with rates of 59% and 53% respectively.
  • In terms of the most effective email marketing tactics, message personalization grabbed half of all marketers’ responses, followed by meaningful call-to-action with a rate of 38% and then list data segmentation with 37%.
  • In contrast, the most difficult email marketing tactic is list data segmentation with a rate of 37% of marketing influencers.
2017 State of Email Marketing | Ascend2

Graph Shows the Tactics That Are Far More Effective Than They Are Difficult to Implement


Data were driven from 260 marketers (48% of them work for firms that are primarily B2B-focused, 34% for firms that are primarily B2C focused & 18% for hybrid B2B/B2C firms). The survey was conducted during the week of September 4, 2017.


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