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Nearly 3 in 4 marketing leaders reported that their organizations have a digital marketing strategy and over one-third of their budgets go to digital efforts.

Find out more about the digital marketing strategies and plans of the US marketing leaders:

Budget & Priorities of Digital Marketing in the USA

  • The vast majority of respondents (80%) have an increase in their budgets allocated to digital marketing in 2017.
  • Digital advertising (49%), social marketing (45%), and company website design/development (37%) are the top 3 digital marketing strategic priorities for 2017.
  • Company’s website (41%), content management (34%), and customer experience (33%) are the top 3 marketing technology investment areas for 2017.
  • Social media (72%), paid search (48%), and mobile (48%) are the top 3 digital marketing approaches that the organizations will focus on more during 2017.

Most Talents Required for Digital Marketing in the USA

  • Strategic operations (35%) and development (22%) are the most critical skills in enabling organization’s marketing function to meet overall organization demands.
  • Strategic operations also are considered as the most difficult digital marketing skills to find with a rate of 31%, followed by analytics skills with 20%, and the design with 18%.
  • Digital business analytics (59%) and mobile development (51%) are the most digital marketing skills expected to be increased in criticality at organizations in 2017.

State of Digital Marketing 2017 Survey Report TEKsystems Digital


Data were driven from a survey fielded by 250 US marketing leaders during January & February 2017. Respondents were required to be employed in a creative, interactive or digital marketing function at the manager level or higher at an organization that had a digital marketing plan.

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