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Infographic: The Online Purchase Journey Across Generations, 2018 | GlobalWebIndex

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Today’s purchasing journey is complex. It’s not just getting persuaded then buy it. Before customers decide to step into any business, they engage with brand or business through a variety of online channels over several days and, for high-value items, maybe longer. GlobalWebIndex in its infographic mapped the online purchase journey in five main phases (Brand Research, Brand Discovery, Purchasing, Brand Advocacy and Brand Attitudes). Discern the differences between generations during the online purchase journey:

#1 Brand Research

  • Half of all generations use search engines to search for products/products/services, compared to 41% who use social networks to do so.
  • Millennials are more likely to seek expert opinion before purchasing (59%), while Gen Z is more likely to turn to social media.

#2 Brand Discovery

  • Again, “search engines” is the main source to discover brands or products at a rate of 36%.
  • Social recommendations are more impactful among Millennials with rates of 27% and 24% respectively.
  • Marketing influencers are more popular among Gen Z and Millennials to discover brands via celebrities’ networks with rates of 71% and 65%, respectively.
  • Baby Boomers stick to print media (31%) and TV (45%) to discover brands.

#3 Purchase

  • 73% of consumers worldwide have made a purchase online. 53% of them have done so via smartphones.
  • 54% of Baby Boomers prefer desktop shopping, compared to 30% of them who prefer mobile shopping.
  • Shoppers are more likely to purchase online in case of free shipping (60%) and offering coupons and discounts (47%).

#4 Brand Advocacy

  • High-quality products (48%) and rewards such as discounts (44%) are the top reasons motivated consumers to recommend or advocate brand or product or service.
  • Baby Boomers are more likely to value customer service at a rate of 40%.
  • Millennials are much more likely to write reviews, while Gen Z is more likely to advocate out of brand love.

#5 Brand Attitudes

  • Gen X stick to the brand they like and the most loyal to their favorite brands (63%), followed by Gen Z (56%).
  • 21% of Gen Z value brands that improve their image and reputation and make them feel cool.
  • 66% of Millennials and 51% of Baby Boomers like trying new products.
Infographic: The Online Purchase Journey Across Generations, 2018 | GlobalWebIndex 1 | Digital Marketing Community

A Graph Shows the Main Sources of Searching About Brands or Products Worldwide


Data were driven from 97,317 internet users aged 16-64 across 38 countries. Among this cohort, there were 10,363 Gen Z (aged 16-20), 38,459 Millennials (aged 21-34), 36,246 Gen X (aged 35-53), 12,245 Baby Boomers (aged 54-64).


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