ICT Indicators in Brief, December 2017 | MCIT

Egypt has one of the largest and dynamic mobile & telecom markets in Africa, supported by a population of more than 90 million. The below points outlines the major developments in the Egyptian market, including updated statistics:

  • Internet users indicated 33.7 million in 2017 with a 41.25 penetration rate.
  • Mobile subscription managed to achieve over 100 million subscribers in November 2017 with an annual rate of 3.38%.
  • Mobile penetration also hit 111.17% in the same period.
  • Mobile internet users slipped down from 28.65 million in Nov. 2016 to 26.60 in Nov. 2017.
ICT Indicators in Egypt, Dec. 2017 | MCIT | Digital Marketing Community

Graph Shows the total Numbers of Mobile Subscriptions in Egypt

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