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Canadian E-Commerce Benchmark Report, 2019 | Canada Post

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Retailers need to provide an outstanding online shopping experience. For most Canadians, online purchasing is no longer mysterious and, for many, it is the preferred way to shop. A detailed survey conducted by Canada Post demonstrates that Canadian online shoppers’ confidence when buying online is increasing.

E-Commerce offers fantastic opportunities to firms that can provide an exceptional customer experience. The most successful retailers will deliver excellence throughout the entire shopping journey.

Delivering an excellent shopping experience entails providing proper messaging and support to make customers aware of a product, offering information that is organized in a compelling fashion to help with research and consideration, and creating a seamless purchase process. After the sale is made, the work is not done.

The most successful retailers ensure that the delivery process is efficient and reliable and that customers receive an outstanding post-purchase experience, including follow-up with relevant and compelling sales offers and coupons.

The Key Findings of “Canadian E-Commerce Benchmark Report, 2019” Report:

  • 32% of surveyed online shoppers with a voice-activated device report they used the voice activation to shop for items online.
  • 39% of surveyed Canadian online shoppers reported that they avoid purchasing from retailers that don’t show clear information about how they can track their packages.
  • 24% of surveyed online shoppers indicated that they abandon carts when they can’t pay duties and brokerage fees at checkout.
  • “Computers and Electronics” is ranked as the most purchased category by surveyed online shoppers with a rate of 42%.
  • 36% of surveyed Canadian online shoppers are occasional shoppers (2-6 purchases per year).
Why Canadian Online Shoppers Are Avoiding Certain Retailers or Abandon Carts, 2019.

A Graph Shows Why Canadian Online Shoppers Are Avoiding Certain Retailers or Abandon Carts, 2019.

The Content of “Canadian E-Commerce Benchmark Report, 2019” Report:

  • The Evolution of E-Commerce in Canada.
  • Growth Opportunities.
  • What Consumers Want.
  • Technology to Watch.
  • Eye on the Future.
  • Methodology.

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This research resulted from an extensive survey of 5,000 respondents, drawn from a panel of Canadians who shopped online last year. The survey was available in both English and French, with fieldwork taking place from March 23 to April 9, 2018.

Eighty percent of the respondents came from five of Canada’s provinces and spoke English; 20 percent spoke French. The sample matched the Canadian population (+/- 1 percent) on key demographic variables, including age, gender, and region.

Canada Post Corporation

Canada Post is Canada’s leading provider of electronic commerce and customer communication solutions. Their leading-edge, affordable and reliable service makes us first choice for e-commerce shippers and online shoppers. Canada Post is operating Canada’s largest retail network. Reaching more than 15.3 million addresses with convenient pickup and return options. In fact, their end-to-end solutions are market leaders that leverage the assets and expertise of the Canada Post Group of Companies.


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