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Building Consumer Brand Infatuation, 2017 | Signal & Digital Ascendant

Consumer Behavior | USA

The post-purchase consumer behavior is why brands – whether in the retail or travel/hospitality space – needs to continue the communication loop with consumers after purchasing and encourage consumers to provide feedback. Besides putting in place processes which make problems solving quick and painless for consumers to make them return back again and again to the brands which make their lives easier.

Check the below insights to recognize why the individualistic consumers have a fundamental need to feel understood, recognized and respected:

  • 82% of consumers indicated that their favorite retail brands make it easy for them to find products that are right for them while shopping in-store or online, while 73% mentioned that their favorite retail brands make shopping seamless and effortless everywhere during interacting with them.
  • 60% said their favored retail brands make them feel like a valued customer and 63% feel like trustworthy with their data.
  • Consumers are more likely to use multiple devices and touchpoints when booking travel (84%) than when retail shopping (72%).
  • Almost half of the consumers (48%) were very likely to recommend their favorite retail brands.
  • 44% are very likely to try new products from their favorite retail brands.
  • 39% are very likely to try new services from favorite travel/hospitality brands, while 44% are very likely to try new products from their favorite retail brands.
  • When it comes to a positive post-purchase experience, the top 3 reasons were; contacting center has the information consumers need to help them (64%), making it easy for them to provide feedback and rate their experiences (55%), rewards them for their loyalty (55%).
  • 43% of consumers indicated that they left a brand before because of slow issue resolution and 42% due to irrelevant communications, while 41% switched brands because it was hard to find products/service or offers that were tailored to their needs and interests.
Building Consumer Brand Infatuation Signal

A Chart Shows the Brand Fans’ Attitude Among Other Brands


Data were driven from 500 adults – aged 18+years – have made an online purchase (retail or travel) at least once in the past 3 months. Data were collected via a national online quantitative survey – using Lab42 – during 7-12 March 2017.


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