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How to Deal With Negative Feedback | Feefo


All reviews are an essential opportunity to learn and improve. Celebrate the positives and embrace the negatives. If you listen to your customer’s voice, you will be rewarded with more loyal customers and gain the trust of new ones.

Follow these tips which help you understand the best practices for handling negative feedback:

  • Always have a plan:
    The key to avoiding any disaster is always preparation.
  • Don’t turn a blind eye:
    The initial reaction to receiving negative feedback is often to remove or ignore, but this is not recommended and will only make the situation worse.
  • Use negativity as an opportunity to improve:
    You can’t please all customers and sometimes your product may just not be the right fit for someone, but it’s important to review how you handled the situation and either praise your customer service team or reevaluate your initial plan.
  • Celebrate positive feedback:
    One of the easiest and most effective ways to outweigh negative reviews is to draw more attention to the positive ones.
  • Respond in a professional way:
    Act swiftly, be polite, apologize and offer a solution.
  • Keep moving forward:
    All reviews are essential and an opportunity to learn and improve. If you listen to your customer’s voice, you will be rewarded with more loyal customers and gain the trust of new ones.

How to Deal With Negative Feedback Feefo


Founded in 2007 and located worldwide, with offices in the UK, USA, Australia and Hong Kong, Feefo is an independent customer review system for businesses. Feefo collects trusted reviews from genuine customers to better understand their buying decisions with authentic reviews matched to transactions.Feefo helps businesses benefit from trustworthy customer insights, along with the tools to increase traffic, footfall and sales. The Feefo platform has helped more than 4,000 industry leaders to connect with their customers, drive business to their website and gain real, actionable insights.


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