Global Connected Commerce Is E-Tail therapy the new retail therapy? Jan. 2016 | Nielsen

E-commerce is a growing phenomenon. 57% of respondents surveyed say they purchased from an e-tailer outside their country’s border in the past six months.

The major insights of online purchasing across the globe:

  • The majority of consumers says they conducted research online prior to buying regardless of whether the purchase was in-store or online.
  • The major 3 activities consumers do to make shopping decisions are Looking up product information, checking/comparing prices and searching for deals/ promotions/ coupons, as 63% of respondents who shopped for travel products or services in the past six months say they looked up product information, 52% checked or compared prices, and 46% searched for deals or coupons.
  • Clothing is the top category purchased online in every region except North America (the U.S. and Canada).
  • 55% of respondents say they’ve purchased fashion products online. Most of them (77%) are from South Korea.
  • 50% of respondents have purchased books/ music/ stationery. Most of them are from Japan.
  • In China, 33% of e-commerce’s share of sales for baby care products, but only 2% for beverages.
  • 53% of online respondents shopped using the credit card, 43% paid with digital payment systems, and 39% paid with debit card.
  • Cash on delivery is more popular in many developing markets, including Nigeria with rate 76%, the Philippines with rate 73%, Russia with rate 70%, the United Arab Emirates with rate 68%, and Saudi Arabia with rate 59%.


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