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The Affluent Consumers’ Top 10 Products Research Channels, 2019

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While affluent consumers have been a major driving force shaping the luxury industry over the past years, the influence of this consumer constituency will become even greater going forward, particularly as more affluent consumers will venture beyond their national borders, and account for an even larger portion of spending outside their countries. Affluent consumers perceive themselves as important, valuable customers, and they expect to be recognized and treated as such at every point in the customer lifecycle. They also demand products and services that fit their lifestyle needs and live up to or even exceeds their extremely high expectations.

Take a glance at the affluent consumers’ top 10 products research channels:

  • Search engines are ranked as the main channel that affluent consumers are using for researching products with a rate of 49%.
  • Consumers reviews are ranked as the second most used product research channel by surveyed affluent consumers with a rate of 39%.
  • Social networks come at next as a channel used by surveyed affluent consumers for their product research with a rate of 37%.
  • Product/brand sites also listed as a product research channel used by surveyed affluent consumers with a rate of 36%.
Affluent Consumers Top 10 Product Research Channels 2019

A Graph Shows The Affluent Consumers Top 10 Product Research Channels, 2019.


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