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The 2017 US Mobile App Report | Comscore

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US internet users attitudes and usage habits towards the Apps are changed year over year, especially for the ages between 18 & 44 years.

Take a deep look at the US mobile Apps insight:

  • Smartphone Apps acquired half of the spent time on digital media, followed by 34% spent on the desktop.
  • Users aged from 18 to 24 years spent 66% of their digital media time on smartphone Apps alone and about 3.2 hours on the mobile Apps (including smartphone & tablet).
  • 87% of time spent on mobile was spent on mobile Apps, while only 13% was spent on mobile webs.
  • Users spend on the top mobile Apps (186.9 minutes per visitor) which equal 16× of the mobile web (11.9 minutes per visitor).
  • 51% of smartphone users didn’t download any Apps in a month, while 49% downloaded from 1 App to 8 Apps with an average of  2 downloaded Apps.
  • 70% of Millennials still have a lot of excitement for new Apps, besides 64% of them willing to shell out cash for Apps, with an average purchase 1 paid App/month.
  • 37% of smartphone users are most likely to select Facebook as their most essential App.
  • Facebook and Google own 8 of the top 10 most used Apps.
The 2017 US Mobile App Report comScore

A Chart Shows the Average Daily Use on Apps Across Users Age


Data were driven from a survey of 1,033 smartphone users aged 18+ in July 2017, besides behavioral measurement data from comScore Media Metrix Multi-Platform, comScore Mobile Metrix, and comScore MobiLens.

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