77% of Consumers in Australia Are Using Facebook, 2017 | Deloitte

Social media has become a part of Australians’ life. A fifth (21%) of their online entertainment time is spent on social media. Facebook sits on the throne of all these media platforms with a rate of 77%. Most of its users (85%) are Leading Millennials aged 28-33 and Trailing Millennials (81%) aged 14-27 years old. This is followed by Instagram – which attracts Millennials more than any other generation – with a rate of 27%.

On the other side, FB Messenger ranked the top of all messaging apps in Australia with a rate of 62%, followed by WhatsApp (30%) and then Skype (28%).

Most Used Social Media Platforms & Chatting Apps in Australia, 2017

Graph Shows the Most Used Social Media Sites & Messaging Apps in Australia Across Ages, 2017