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The Clear and Complete Guide to ABM Analytics, First Edition | Engagio

Account Based Marketing (ABM)

B2B marketers need new metrics and methods for going to market, delivering excellence, boosting businesses, and improving ROI. The simple answer is Account-based marketing (ABM), the art of winning leads…

Engagio comes with its first edition of ABM guide that will help B2B marketers understand the current landscape of ABM analytics. By answering key questions, it offers steps to get started.

The guide includes also pro tips indicate noteworthy best practices, sidebars offer statistics and definitions, feature pages offer real-world examples in practice, and relevant song lyrics are just for fun.

The Clear and Complete Guide to ABM Analytics for worksheets, checklists, examples, expert interviews, and other resources: The Different ABM Analytics

The Different ABM Analytics

What Will You Learn From the New First Edition of Engagio’s ABM Analytics 2019:

  • Why account-based marketing (ABM) is important for B2B marketers and how ABM analytics differ.
  • What are the most important metrics that you must track in B2B marketing?
  • The key 5 steps to build an ABM analytics foundation.
  • Why do account journeys are better than lead funnels for ABM?
  • The key pros and cons of 7 attribution models for B2B marketing.

The Content of “The Clear and Complete Guide to ABM Analytics”:

  • Intro letter
  • Section 1: Great marketing, great marketing analytics
    • Benefits of marketing analytics
    • Types of analytics
  • Section 2: Account-based analytics are different
    • Why account-based marketing
    • How ABM metrics are different
  • Section 3: Styles of ABM
  • Section 4: The framework for ABM measurement
    • The wrong metrics
    • The right ABM metrics
  • Section 5: Your ABM analytics foundation
    • Good analytics don’t just happen
    • Five steps to build an ABM analytics foundation
  • Section 6: Account analytics
    • Measuring time
    • Coverage
    • Awareness
    • Reputation
    • Engagement
  • Section 7: Journey analytics
    • Account journeys, not lead journeys
    • Mapping account journeys
    • Measuring account journeys
    • The power of forecasting
  • Section 8: ROI analytics (attribution)
    • ROI to improve (not prove) marketing
    • Why ROI measurement is hard
    • Program performance metrics
    • Campaign influence
    • Multi-touch attribution
    • Test and control groups
  • Section 9: Bringing it all together
    • Your metrics checklist
    • Dashboards
  • Section 10: Getting started
    • ABM maturity
    • Setting expectations
    • People and culture
    • ABM technology
  • Engagio’s Account Based Marketing analytics solutions
  • About Engagio
  • B2B marketing analytics glossary
  • Experts

Number of Pages:

  • 159 Pages


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