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Account Based Marketing (ABM)

Now, Account Based Marketing (ABM) is no longer the next big thing – it’s here to stay:

  • 93% of B2B marketers reported that ABM is very/extremely important, with an increase from the previous year, according to SiriusDecisions.
  • Nearly three-quarters of organizations are either doing ABM or plan to in the next 12-24 months, according to ITSMA.
  • 62% of organizations have expanded from pilot programs to formal, established efforts in 2017 (compared to 38% in 2016), according to SiriusDecisions.
  • 8 out of 10 of organizations are planning to purchase new solutions in four or more ABM technology categories, driving a 28% increase in ABM technology investments, according to TOPO.

But it’s important to say that, ABM is not a magic wand. Instead, it’s a powerful combination of people, technology, and processes that deployed intelligently will out-perform every other demand generation initiative in your company.

The new and second edition of Engagio’s “Clear and Complete Guide to Account-Based Marketing” will take you, step-by-step, through how you can align your sales and marketing team around a strategy that’s optimized for the biggest, most important deals.

Some stats show the increasing demand for Account-Based Marketing

Some Stats Show the Increasing Demand for Account-Based Marketing

What Will You Learn From the New Second Edition of Engagio’s Account Based Marketing 2019:

  • How to select the best target accounts by using powerful techniques.
  • How to allocate the right budget, time and resources to ABM with account entitlements.
  • How to get outstanding tips for every ABM stage to help sales act on account insights.
  • How to take immediate action on account data by implementing marketing and sales stand-ups.
  • How to leverage new vetted recommendations and criteria for selecting an ABM platform.
  • How to use account data to analyze marketing and sales effectiveness by territory.
  • How to measure ABM programs and attribute ROI at every stage of the funnel.
  • How to access new worksheets and templates from the Engagio’s playbook.

The Content of “The Clear and Complete Guide to Account Based Marketing, 2nd Edition”:

  • Introduction: Seizing the biggest deals
  • Part I: From lead-centric to account-centric marketing
  • Part II: The Styles of ABM
  • Part III: The 7 ABM processes
    • 1. Select accounts
    • 2. Identify people
    • 3. Develop account insights
    • 4. Generate account-relevant messages and content
    • 5. Deliver account-specific interactions
    • 6. Orchestrate account-focused plays
    • 7. Metrics: measuring account progress
  • Part IV: Building your ABM foundation
  • Part V: Implementing ABM: the road to success
  • Part VI: ABM technology
  • Conclusion: An idea whose time has come
  • Thank you
  • ABM Experts
  • About Engagio

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  • 175 Pages


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