How to Personalize Your Website to Boost Conversions | Sitecore

Content personalization and behavioral targeting are the most important things that are going to give you the conversion you want. Both of them should be looked at seriously by anyone looking to keep rocking in the future.

The following steps provide you with an insight of what you should do:

  • Define your objectives and goals you must reach to serve the company’s strategic objectives.
  • Identify and rank each of your most important customer segments, their volume and value, as well as their needs and lifecycle stages.
  • Map each segment to the key metrics a client wants to achieve.
  • Examine existing data and look at other data sources, where you have customer insights to get the full detailed picture.
  • It is essential to map the paths customers typically follow to identifying the pages you want to target for personalization.
  • Surface the most relevant message based on visitors’ contextual situation and in the moment- intent.

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