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Marketing automation has rapidly become a critical component of today’s successful digital marketing strategies. It can boost sales productivity, reduce marketing overhead and helps you engage customers.

8 Steps to Turn Your Marketing Automation Platform Into a Customer Engagement Machine:

  1. Build your customer organization chart and buyer profiles:
    It’s very important to take the time to understand who the core people within your accounts are and how they interact with your brand on a day-to-day basis.
  1. Know your customer’s lifecycle from their perspective and take the time to walk through your customers’ journey.
  2. Determine helpful content by role and lifecycle:
    Create a content grid for your customers using the roles you put in place and the customer journey information you got.
  1. Contact your customers:
    Before start building your campaign plans, be sure you connect with your customers & your internal team to test your assumptions.
  1. Check your data:
    You need to have the data to support your content delivery needs and be sure you have critical parts of the profile filled out in your CRM for each organization and individual.
  1. Design content tracks and automated programs:
    This step will help you promote and measure customer engagement in a systematic way.
  2. Create Your “Engagement Score” Matrix:
    Once you have the possible tracks identified, it’s time to assign a score for the digital behaviors.
  3. Measure and Adjust:
    Notice that measurement should focus on both the helpfulness and accuracy of the customer engagement score.
Do You Really Know Your Customers? How Marketing Automation Helps You Engage Customers? Some Stats Shows How Important Is Using Marketing Automation Tools

Some Stats Shows How Important Is Using Marketing Automation Tools

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The Table of Content of “How Marketing Automation Helps You Engage Customers” Guide:

  • Marketing Automation Isn’t Just for Lead Generation
  • Customer Acquisition is Expensive; Customer Retention is Profitable
  • Customer Engagement is Critical
  • Lead Scoring … It’s So Much More Than a Tally
  • For Customers, It’s a “Customer Engagement Score”
  • The Possibilities of Customer Engagement Scoring with Marketing Automation
  • Step 1: Build Your Customer Organization Chart and Buyer Profiles
  • Step 2: Know Your Customer Lifecycle from Their Perspective
  • Step 3: Determine Helpful Content by Role and Lifecycle
  • Step 4: Test Your Assumptions – Contact Your Customers
  • Step 5: Check Your Data
  • Step 6: Design Content Tracks and Automated Programs
  • Step 7: Create Your “Engagement Score” Matrix
  • Step 8: Measure and Adjust
  • It’s Time to Get Serious About Scoring Customer Engagement

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