4 Media-Planning Tips for Online Video Advertising Success | Think With Google

More and more businesses are leveraging video-based advertisements on channels such as YouTube. Video-based content is easier to grasp and provides entertainment apart from product education.

Check the 4 research-backed tips to help you make the most of your online video plan:

  1. Be mobile-minded:
    Viewers who watched an ad twice on mobile had a significant lift of 23% in unaided brand awareness & an average of 47% in unaided ad recall on average. So treat mobile video as an essential part of your media plan.
  1. Optimize for your audience goals:
    Ads running against more engaging content had a higher potential for brand lift. Specifically, ads that played before videos with higher preference scores. Use Google Preferred & TrueView together to maximize brand impact on YouTube.
  1. Add affinity targeting to demographic targeting:
    Optimize your video campaigns through adding affinity targeting allows you to reach even more qualified, engaged audiences, based on their lifestyle, interests, & needs. It can also improve campaign performance.
  1. Plan YouTube alongside TV:
    Explore planning tools from Google to deliver video ads across the platforms that will help maximize audience impact.

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