Consumers Aren’t Looking to Buy From“Cool” Brands on Social Media, Q2 2017 | Sprout Social

Brand personality is unique and it is what connects the brand product to its consumers who want their brands to use social as a customer care channel.

To understand how brands personality impacts purchasing decisions, what specific behaviors actions such as humor or friendliness should  the brand prompt, read the below:

  • The majority of consumers want their brand’s behavior on the social to be honest (86%) friendly (83%) helpful (78%) & funny (72%).
  • Less than half of consumers want their brands to be trendy (43%), politically correct (39%), or snarky (33%) on social media.
  • 83% of consumers feel comfortable with brands’ showing personality in Facebook posts.
  • 71% of consumers surveyed think political commentary from brands is annoying.
  • 59% of Millennium consumers find slang from brands is annoying.
  • 90% of Millennium consumers think that brands responding to questions are cool.
  • 68% of consumers want brands to participate in conversations they’re mentioned in and 83% want brands to respond to them.

Survey Methodology: An online survey conducted in April 2017 of 1,003 consumers.

For more information, please download “ Consumers Aren’t Looking to Buy From“Cool” Brands on Social Media Q2 2017 ” full report.

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