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Video Ad Spend Study, April 2017 | IAB

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There is a noticeable, ongoing and strong growth of digital video. Advertisers are spending on average more than $9 million annually for their brand’s digital video ads, representing a 67% increase from 2 years ago.

Check the summary of results below to examine ad spending trends in digital/mobile video, original digital video, native advertising, cross-platform video, and programmatic video.

Digital and Mobile Video:

  • Agencies spend more on digital ads than other marketers ($9.7 million Vs. 9.1 million) in 2017.
  • Spending on digital/mobile video advertising increased across all market sectors over the past 3 years. Telecom sector achieved the highest increase with $13.3 million.
  • 56% of digital budgets are allocated to video ads (34% for digital video & 22% for mobile video).
  • 64% of digital/mobile video advertising allocation dispersed in videos like preroll & midroll and social media feeds.

Original Digital Video:

  • The original digital video is increasing in 2017 to hold 47% of video budgets share compared to 44% in 2015.
  • Original digital spending on brand’s ads totaled on average more than $4.4 million annually, representing an 80% increase from 2 years ago.
  • 4 out of 7 key market sectors allocate nearly 45% of their original digital video budgets during the NewFronts.
  • 88% of advertisers increased their original digital video budget as a result of attending the 2016 NewFronts.

Native Advertising:

  • 42% of original digital video advertising spend goes to native advertising.
  • Automotive, Telecom, and health & beauty are the top 3 sectors in native advertising allocation.
The Averege Dollar Amount Spent on Digital Mobile Video Ads.

A Graph Shows The Average Dollar Amount Spent on Digital Mobile Video Ads in Millions.


Data based on an online survey via with marketers,  51% were Senior VP+, 30% were directors & 19% were junior marketers; besides 53% of the sample were marketers & 43% were agencies.


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