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User Engagement With the Top 100 Mobile Gaming, 2017 | Iterable

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Mobile gaming becomes now a key driver of growth for the gaming industry thanks to the rapid growth of mobile and smartphone devices during the last decade which led to huge investments in the gaming industry.

Read the points below to gain knowledge about the impact of this industry:


  • 62% of smartphone owners install games within a week of getting their phones.
  • Consumers spent on mobile games totaled $41 billion in 2016.
  • Mobile gamers spend an average of $87 annually on in-app purchases and nearly $550 on top-grossing games, like Game of War: Fire Age.
  • 81% of the top 100 freemium games sent out at least one push to new users.
  • 61% of notifications received by all 100 games came from Role Playing Games (RPGs) and 29% from sports/arcade games.
  • The number of pushes notifications increases in the 24-48 hours after a user opens the app or game.

Top Tips:

  • RPGs such as “War Dragons & Game of War: Fire Age” depend mainly on real-time strategy so messages become more frequently than other genres. So, you can use the same message and make a simple change in sentence length and structure.
  • For games that are not turn-based or do not involve real-time strategy, don’t be a copier.
  • Schedule push reminders when a user is not pre-occupied during business hours and spend more effort in creating new and creative messages.
  • Use emoji to make your message funnier and natural.
  • Create a competitive atmosphere and encourage customers to achieve some gaming goals by sending motivational messages and offering exclusive incentives.
 The Average VS The Median by Game Genre.

                         A Graph Shows The Average VS The Median by Game Genre.


Data were driven from analyzing over 1,800 push notifications of the top 100 freemium grossing games of the Apple App Store in the United States for two weeks.


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