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In 1994 Amazon was Launched, but nowadays Amazon is used by millions of sellers around the world. Around 50% of Amazon sellers are small sellers or sole traders, making under $100,000 annually.

A survey of more than 1500 Amazon sellers outlines their selling habits, where they sell, how much profit they make, their expansion plans, and the software they use and more.

  • 25% of sellers, make more than half a million per year, and a minor percentage of sellers surveyed (over 2%) gain over $10 million per year in revenue on the Amazon marketplace.
  • 73% of Amazon sellers are selling on eBay too and 27% of sellers intending to sell on platform, followed by Shopify (26%) then Rakuten (25%).
  • In the breakdown of categories sold on Amazon, home and family life categories came out on top of list– home & kitchen (16%), and toys & games (11%).
  • 61% of Amazon sellers worry that Amazon will take away their seller privileges and suspend their stores. While 44% of the sellers worry that Amazon will start selling their items and therefore detract from their potential revenue.
  • 74% of sellers who promote their products use Amazon sponsored products, while 26% of sellers use Adwords and/or search marketing.

The State of the Amazon Marketplace 2016-Web Retailer

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