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The Nielsen Total Audience Report, Q1 2017 | Nielsen

Consumer Behavior | USA

Across all generations in the US (Generation Z, Millennials, Generation X, and Baby Boomers), there are different preferences among media device users. Marketers should be aware of the profile & behavior of different generations and the best ways to reach them.

Take a look at the key insights written in this regard:

Generation Z (ages 2-20)

  • Gen Z is the largest generation of all persons in the US (26%); combined with Millennials (22%), these 2 generations represent almost half of the US population.
  • Gen Z lives in homes with more than 3 people and benefits from the higher income of the other members of their household.
  • 97% of Gen Z are using smartphones. They also have the greatest penetration of game consoles (73%) and tablets (78%).
  • Most of Gen Z spend an average of 2hrs & 18 mins on Live TV & DVR (digital video recorder).

Millennials (aged 21-37)

  • Millennials have the lowest income of the generations.
  • 97% of Millennials are using smartphones. 84% of Millennials also are more likely to access the broadband internet & subscription of video on demand (76%).
  • Millennials spend most of their time on DVR (3 hrs) and smartphones (2 hrs & 51 mins) daily.
  • Millennials hold the highest rate of weekly reach percentage to app/web on smartphones (94%).

Generation X (38- 52)

  • Gen X has the highest income across generations.
  • 95% of Gen X are using smartphones. They are most likely to have DVRs (60%) and PCs (85%).
  • Gen Z spends 4 hrs & 38 mins on Live TV & DVR daily. Smartphones hold 2 hrs & 36 mins of their time.

Baby Boomers (53-70)

  • Baby Boomers (includes retired individuals) are less likely to be working.
  • 86% of baby boomers are using smartphones and also they have the greatest penetration of DVD players (81%).
The Nielsen Total Audience Report, Q1 2017 Nielsen

                                                                   A Graph Shows The Composition by Race & Ethnicity.


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