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The 12th edition of “The 2019 B2B Marketing Mix Report” launched by Sagefrog Marketing Group explains the state of the B2B marketing trends with data on the most important tactics, spending allocations, popular marketing methods and much more.

In addition, all insights are accompanied by practical tips and commentary from industry experts.

The Most B2B Marketing Spending Areas in 2019:

  • Businesses are increasing their marketing spend to improve their ROI, as 56% indicated they have increased their marketing spend in 2019.
  • Subsequently, Almost 40% of B2B companies spend 10% of their budget or more on their marketing budget.
  • Website development and digital marketing are the top areas of marketing spend by B2B businesses.
  • 42% of respondents said tradeshows and events were the biggest sources of marketing and sales leads.
Percentage of Budget Allocated to B2B Marketing in 2019

A Figure Shows the Percentage of Budget Allocated to Marketing

Top B2B Marketing Trends and Objectives in 2019:

  • Increasing sales leads is still the main digital marketing objective in 2019 with a rate of 67%, and increasing brand awareness comes next with a rate of 44% and an increase of 7% from 2018.
  • Email marketing continues to be the most implemented marketing tactic for B2B marketing in 2019, followed by SEO and social media marketing.
  • LinkedIn (90%) Facebook (77%) and Twitter (63%) are the top three social media platforms for B2B marketing in 2019.
  • Concerning the B2B marketing trends in 2019, account-based marketing ranked the top, followed by interactive content and inbound marketing.
B2B Marketing Trending Topics in 2019

A Figure Shows the Trending Topics for Marketers in 2019


Referrals remain the largest source of qualified B2B leads

Referrals are as consistent as ever, remaining the top source of leads year on year. Proven to be effective, they’ve been a powerful source of new B2B clients and SMBs for decades. With a personal approach taking center stage this year, referrals will likely remain on top for some time. To boost referral marketing productivity and results, continue to nurture existing clients and customers. Their direct experience with your product and their authenticity as a purchaser make them a powerful evangelist for your brand.

top sources of B2B sales and marketing leads

top sources of B2B sales and marketing leads. Referrals remain the largest source of qualified B2B leads in 2019

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Data in this report is based on a recent survey of modern B2B marketing professionals in healthcare, technology, industrial and business services fields. 72% of the sample are B2B businesses, while 24% are mixed businesses.

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