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Online Gaming in India: Reaching a New Pinnacle, May 2017 | KPMG & Google

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Indian online gaming market value estimated at nearly $290 million in 2016. and it is expected to reach about $1010 million by 2021. The key driver of the rising market volume was the proliferation of low-cost smartphones amongst the urban and rural population.

Read the below brief and keep up with changing technology trends in the online gaming market of India in 2017:

  • The total population of India is 1325 million in 2016, 409 million of them are internet users and 120 million are online gamers.
  • Internet penetration in 2017 estimated with 31% and it’s expected to reach about 53% by the end of 2021.
  • 83% of online gamers in India are males and only 14% are females.
  • 88% use mobile phones as the primary device to play online games.
  • Nearly 60% of urban mobile gamers in India are below 24 years.
  • More than 75% of gamers in India play online games to relieve stress and interact with others.
  • According to 43% of respondents, most games are downloaded through app distribution platforms.
  • Nearly 6 in 10 of current paying gamers in India spend on downloading and upgrading access to the games.
  • Almost a quarter of paying gamers in India made their most payments through debit cards followed by internet banking.

Online Gaming in India Reaching a New Pinnacle, May 2017 KPMG & Google


Data were driven from 3000 online gamer(s) in India and 18 focused group discussions with 5-6 respondents across Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore and Chennai. All respondents aged 16-45 years old.


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