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Brands are struggling to turn the terabytes of performance data they gather about their content, campaigns, and audiences into meaningful insights and actions, Marketing Performance Measurement (MPM) is the best-in-class practice of aggregating and analyzing marketing performance data across multiple channels (e.g., paid, owned, earned), this sophisticated process delivers a competitive advantage to brands by quickly identify meaningful insights that improve marketing performance.

The key finding in the “Mastering Marketing Measurement, 2017”:

  • Over than 80% of respondents indicated that their organization will increase their focus on marketing performance measurement in 2017 and 50% intend on making modifications to their measurement infrastructure in the coming year.
  • 98% believe that data-driven marketing is not a fad will pass.
  • 52% of respondents use a combination of internal and external resources to manage their marketing performance data, while 40% use only internal resources.
  • 49% of basic organizations place a priority on tracking media spend, while 51% place a priority of understanding the ROI of media spend, compared to 100 % of innovators.
The Brands That Work With Third Parties To Manage Data.

                                               A Figure Shows The Brands That Work With Third Parties To Manage Data.


A total of 252 digital marketers at leading brands (from Fortune 500 companies) across a variety of industries completed the 2017 online survey conducted by Brand Innovators, in conjunction with Origami Logic. From the respondents, 15 % were senior level (SVP level or above), 58 % were VP/director/manager level, and 27 % were other. Most of the companies surveyed spend less than $10 million on marketing.

Origami Logic, Inc.

Founded in 2012, Origami Logic marketing analytics software provides the fastest and most scalable way to measure, analyze, and optimize the impact of your marketing. The company that helps teams master their marketing performance by letting them see what’s working and what’s not, so they can optimize their efforts.

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