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Make the Most of Your Marketing in the Middle East During Ramadan 2018 | Criteo

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“Ramadan” is the most special month in the Middle East region, also marks the most unique time of the year for retailers and brands. During these thirty days, marketers soar their marketing activities as a result of the increasing consumption. So, in a way to make the best during the sober month, read the below points that reflect the Ramadan behaviors in the Middle East especially in UAE & KSA.

Ramadan Shopping Behaviors in UAE Compared to KSA

  • 38% of travelers in UAE claimed that they planned to travel by plane for Eid compared to 42% in KSA.
  • 58% of shoppers in the UAE indicated that they plan to buy gifts for others during Ramadan compared to 61% in KSA.
  • 46% of UAE respondents will use their mobile phones to research for gifts versus 42% in KSA.
  • In terms of online shopping, 47% of shoppers in UAE & KSA are likely to buy perfume/toiletries online to give as presents during Ramadan.

Retail Sales in the UAE & KSA During Ramadan

  • Consumer electronics, fashion, food, and travel were the most product/service categories that UAE & KSA shoppers purchase online during Ramadan.
  • 55% of shoppers in the UAE indicated that they will pay cash on delivery for their online purchases, compared to 59% in KSA.
Make the Most of Your Marketing in the Middle East During Ramadan 2018 | Criteo 1 | Digital Marketing Community

Two Graphs Show the Retail and Travel Sales Index in the Middle East During Ramadan 2017


Data is based on an analysis of over 4.2 million retail shopping transactions, and over 7.7 million travel sales bookings across desktop, smartphones and tablets from 94 major advertisers in the Middle East.


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