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Infographic: How Local GCC Millennials Shop Online, July 2017 | YouGov


GCC region has witnessed a great shift in online shopping since the recent acquisition of “” by online giant “Amazon”. 83% of Local GCC Millennials have shopped online in the 6 months previous the survey.

Read the below brief and keep up with the changing trends of online shopping in GCC:

  • Mobile phones (20%), clothes, shoes & accessories (20%) and electronic equipment were the top 3 purchased categories by GCC Millennials shoppers.
  • Flowers (3%), pet related (3%), music (4%), sporting goods (6%) and books – hardcopy – were the least online purchases categories (6%).
  • 42% of local GCC Millennials females shopped on local websites and 41% did so on international ones.
  • 42% of females Millennials in GCC shopped on international sites and 39% did so on local ones.
  • Discomfort with making online payments (41%), high shipping charges (37%) and long delivery times (34%) are the key barriers to online shopping.
  • Lack of cash-on-delivery options (33%), the uncertainty of authenticity of products found online (30%) and a lack of information about the return process (20%) are also the top barriers to online shopping for females Millennials in GCC.

How Local GCC Millennials Shop Online, July 2017 YouGov


Data were driven from 366 Millennials across GCC markets.


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