Infographic: UAE Online, Dec. 2017 | Effective Measure

UAE lead all the Arab countries in terms of internet penetration which estimated with a rate of 99% in 2017, an increase of 11% than 2013.

Figure out the main features of online state in UAE in December 2017:

  • On another side, unique browsers (UBs) increased with a rate of 9.12% to achieve more than 21,17 million in December 2017.
  • Daily average unique browsers also increased to reach over 1.75 million on the same period. The same also occurred in the rate of mobile unique browsers.
  • In terms of demographics of internet users in UAE, most of them are males with a rate of 56% compared to 44% are females. 17% of them are managers and 18% aged 30-34 years old. The vast majority of them (61%) access the internet via a mobile device.
  • It worth to be mentioned that “” remains at the top used websites in UAE; achieving over 3,35 million UBs, followed by “” with over 2,87 million UBs.
Gulf News Is the Most Used Website in UAE, Dec 2017 | Effective Measure

Infographic Shows the Top Sites in UAE in Dec. 2017

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