Infographic: South Africa Online, August 2017 | Effective Measure

The final numbers of internet consumption in South Africa at all levels have increased in a noticeable way than the previous year. Read the below and keep up with the final updates of internet landscape in South Africa during August 2017:

  • Unique browsers (UBs) rose from over 43.097 million in August 2016 to over 44.148 million this year; achieving an increasing rate of 7.04%, while mobile unique browsers decreased by 0.31%.
  • The numbers of daily average unique browsers and page views (PVs) also increased by 9.45% & 8.29% respectively.
  • Males are more likely than females to access the internet – 51% vs. 49%.
  • Single internet users are more likely to access the internet than married ones – 57% vs. 37%.
  • News and marketplace sites are the top-ranked sites in South Africa. ““, “” and “” are the top three ones in August 2017.
South Africa Online, August 2017 | Effective Measure

Graph Shows the Internet Consumption in South Africa in August 2017


Data were driven from 290.026 individuals who were active online in South Africa during August 2017 on the desktop and mobile devices.

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